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Adorable teen girl Lana still lives at home with her parents, so when she is horny & needs to masturbate she has to wait till she’s all alone…  

Her latest dildo is long and thick with a hand attachment…as you can see in these cuties Galore videos, Lana likes her anal dildo sex both hard, firm and DEEP….its amazing how much of the dildo she manages to squeeze inside her tight anus…lets hope her mom & dad don’t come home and catch her dildo fucking her ass…how embarrassing would that be!?

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What’s a horny little 18 year old to do when she’s home alone, and feeling horny as hell, but has no dildo to satisfy her hungry hole!?  Easy she just fucks herself with an empty bottle that is by her side!

Alisa is amazed at how good the bottle stretches her pussy…maybe it’s just cause she so horny but it almost feels better than her dildos!  She is soon ramming the neck of the bottle in& out her soaking pussy in a fast steady rhythm – it won’t be long till she cums…all courtesy of an empty glass bottle :)

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Anne & Doll have been lifelong, best friends – they do everything together, and yes that includes masturbating with dildos!

Neither of the girls would consider themselves as lesbians, but they do both love to experiment, so it seems like the most natural thing in the world to them to share a dildo together

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Petite brunette, Ava is just 18 years old, and still at school!  When she’s not studying or in class, she is often left wondering about sex, and orgasms, and masturbation

Ava was recently given a dildo by one of her best girlfriends…she’s been a little bit nervous about using it till now….how will a dildo that length and width feel inside her pussy – it’s way larger than most men’s cocks, and is bound to give her virgin pussy a REAL stretching…being an inquisitive little teen she also wants to find out how it feels in her asshole…kinky little slut, huh!?

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This little whores name is Monchi – she’s always been pretty adventurous, & willing to try new things – so when it comes to masturbation, she is not the kind of girl who quietly fingers herself in the shower…this little minx wants to feel BOTH her holes stretched and satisfied…

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